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Wood Relief Assemblages

"Carlos Davila has made a bridge between machine aesthetics and the earth forms of his ancestral Peru that is a two-way passage traveled by both elements without collision. Although the forms of his compositions have the intricacy of sophisticated machine parts and are finished with the precision that has developed out of advanced mechanical technology, they carry with them the telluric sense of Andean mountain forms and the mauve sands of his country’s coastline deserts. The combination is surprising, indeed even implausible, but it succeeds si well in his art that one feels brought toward some underlying continuum uniting these two widel separate worlds in both rational and metaphoric synthesis."


Stanton Catlin

Art Historian and Expert in Latin American Art

Former Art Director of Syracuse University






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Large Scale Sculptures


"When I look at a work of art by Carlos Davila, the first quality that I see is clarity. A definiteness, a clearness of statement emerges from each work, implicit in the handling of rectangles, circles, curved and straight lines. The images are abstract; they are thought out; they are enriched by subtle, vibrant color.


"What do they communicate? It is a message more individual than geometric, a message from the mind and hand of the artist, saying with assurance that Carlos Davila is in control and can work together the elements of shape and color to give visual delight to those beholding what he creates. His paintings require no comment. They are for the eyes to see."


Richard Brown Baker, NYC, February 1975








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Brass Sculptures

Sculptures of brass and copper in editions of 8 each.



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